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How flying horses from the desert will change your perspective on life and later the outcome of world´s history!


We start our flying lessons in the dust of the earth but we will reach our final destination beyond the stars of the desert night. This is granted for sure.

FLY WITHOUT WINGS is a story told easily:


The story of COME FLY WITH US is the story of fathers and the one father. And the story of brothers and the one brother. But also a story of relations.

The story of COME FLY WITH US is not a story from One Thousand and One Nights, but from One Thousand Nights and One Dawn.

It is also the story of One Thousand Riders and One Akid. 

Hoofbeats become Heartbeats

 Learn about the GOOD SHEPHERD

on Earth and the

GREAT AKID from Heaven

Discover the connectiveness between the Bedouin pastoral heritage and the Biblical prophecies on the Judgement Day.


Learn how the GREAT AKID FROM HEAVEN will call mankind home to our heavenly FATHER!


Our Clues for Life from past Bedouin Life

Rafiq - the Friend for the Desert
Ra´i al-Bel - the Herder of  Gold
Rabi of overflowing Life

Desert travel meant challenges, hardships and dangers even to the point of no rerturn and death. Protection and guidance of foreigners by showing the way was done by companions, friends, called rufaqa (singular rafiq). 

Read one heartfealt account by Gertrude Bell about her rafiq to accompany her into the heart of the desert, Nejd.

Rihla -  the Great Exodus 

To the Bedouin, grazing for his camel is life and soul; he will, and daily does, risk death to secure it. (Glubb Pasha)

The relationship of badu society and dromedary was special in every aspect, called a parasitic one by science. The camels were the main source of desert life, giving everthing needed to survive. At the same time a deep bond was established to be seen in the influence on the songs that were sung during travel and their impact for the development of the Arab language. Bringing the camels out to pasture at dawn and back at night was done with their herder. 

Ghazzu for the Gaining of Booty

An-naj´ih, the time when the nomads began to tickle back to the heart of the desert started in autumn when the star Canopus (suhayl) appears in the East at dawn. The time of the first rains after the draught of summer. 

The time of abundance was called rabi. In the inner desert the word rabi did not signify a season of the year; it is therefore impossible to translate it by the word spring. 



Refuge for the Stranger - Hospitality

One of the requirements of Bedouin life was that one roamed from place to place. This wandering was not a caprice or a result of mere habit, but an obligation enjoined by desert life. A life in search of water and pasturage.

The fortunes of the Arab are as varied as those of a gambler on the Stock Exchange. One day he is the richest man in the desert, the next morning he may not have a single camel foal to his name... The truth is that the ghazu is the only industry the desert knows and the only game.  ... The spirit of adventure finds full scope in it -  (Gertrude Bell)

The  immense  empty  spaces of the desert and  the toils  and dangers to  which travelers  were exposed, made hospitality to the stranger and the wayfarer a sacred duty. Probably in the history of the world, no race has equaled the Arabs in hospitality - it is the Arab virtue par excellence.  (Glubb Pasha)

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